All-inclusive solution to reach and engage voters for successful political campaigns.

Complete Political Campaign Package

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100% Managed setup and launch of your services.

Up to 3 targeted email campaigns.

Targeted digital ad campaign on social media and Google Display networks.

6 Ad designs for your digital ad campaign.

700-word Press Release written and distributed on your behalf.

10 designed and written social media posts.

Voter and consumer data available. No contact list required.

Phone and email list verification included. No wasted contacts.

Deliverability monitoring for optimal engagement and deliverability.

List builder subscribe link to build your supporters list.

Feedback management for opt-outs, complaints and replies.

Weekly reports detailing campaign activity.

Auto-Reply templates for responses to common questions.

Up to 3 targeted text or video message campaigns.

Campaign Video Design – 60 second videos starting at $299.

Advanced location and voter targeting.

Message optimization for best placement and delivery.

Performance Guarantees

If your email campaign does not perform as expected, we will send an additional mailing at NO COST.

If your text message delivery rate is less than 90%, we will resend to replace 100% of all failed messages at NO COST.

If your ad campaign is not completed within 30 days from launch, we will increase your ad views by 30% at NO COST.


Free Political Message Kit ($50 Value) – Political email letters and text templates to help create your own messages.

Free Email Template Design ($50 Value) – Custom design email layout to use for email outreach and newsletters.

Free Social Media Branding Kit ($100 Value) – Customized campaign artwork for your social media platforms.

Free YouTube Channel Optimization ($100 Value) – Optimization of existing or created YouTube channel for your campaign videos.

1-Month Free Social Media Management ($300 Value) – Optimization and management of up to 5 social media platforms.

1-Month Free Website Management ($200 Value) – Management and optimization of website updates or post.

4-Free Weekly Promoted Social Media Post ($1000 Value) – Weekly advertised social media post to build your following

$500 off any Website package – Save up to 50% off website packages.

2,000 designed and printed 3.5” x 2.0” Palm Cards. Free Delivery ($500 Value)

Free Campaign Essentials Branding Kit ($400 Value) – Custom designs for printable campaign materials, including: Palm card, Yard Sign, Bumper Sticker, T-shirt

Free Political Search Engine Optimization Evaluation ($500 Value) – Review and recommendations for all of your online platforms to improve voter visibility for your campaign.

Free Video Ad Upgrade ($4,000 Value) – Use your own campaign video to replace any 2 ads at no additional charge.

Renew and Bundle Discount – Save 20% on additional services or renewal of this plan.


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